Cresco is your partner in cybersecurity

With our dedicated team of experts and our ethical hacking approach, we believe that we can make the difference by offering services to assess maturity of your IT infrastructure and to protect your business against potential cyber threats.

Our mission

We want to protect your business and make cybersecurity a reflex, ensuring your long-term growth in today's digital world. We are committed to increase EU's overall cybersecurity maturity level and make its IT landscape a safer place.

Our values


Our company culture is based on trust, mutual respect and honesty. We are fully committed to work together in a transparent way respecting data and information confidentiality.


Our passion for Cybersecurity is translated in the quality of work we deliver. We are hands-on, driven and have a no-nonsense go to market mentality. We are always willing to go the extra mile to achieve best possible results for our clients.


We believe that our diversity makes us smarter and stronger. We look at things from different perspectives, allowing us to learn and adapt to change fast.