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Interested in strengthening your cybersecurity? Discover our improvement program that is 100% subsidized by the Federal Public Service Finance and the European Commission! So, what are you waiting for?

What are our programs?

Our project consists of two essential components:

1. Free Cybersecurity Improvement Program:

In our Cybersecurity Improvement Program (5 to 9 man-days), we specifically focus on SMEs. We understand that these companies may not always have the necessary resources and expertise to address cybersecurity. Therefore, we offer a program tailored to the needs of participating companies, free of charge. This program provides:

  • A clear understanding of your current cybersecurity maturity level
  • Guidance to elevate this level

Our goal is to reach more than 100 companies and support them in improving their cybersecurity. And the best news? This program is entirely FREE!

2. Interactive Case Study Guide

Our interactive case study guide is based on completed improvement projects and is the crown jewel of our project! This hands-on guide includes:

  • Quick-wins
  • Strategies
  • Handy tools to elevate the cybersecurity maturity level of SMEs to new heights

To make a greater impact in the long term and reach more companies, we are developing a case study guide with:

  • 30 case studies highlighting specific situations and challenges.
  • Experiences and best practices easily applicable to other companies.

Our goal is to share experiences and best practices that can be easily applied by other companies. You will see our case studies appearing on our website one by one.

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