Most security breaches are due to human error. Through our program we want to equip your employees with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves against online crime.

Awareness Training

We offer different training modules to make our customers employees aware of cyberthreats to which they are exposed in their daily lives more specifically on the work floor. We aim to show how hackers work and think in real life allowing the client’s employees to develop skills to defend themselves.

Different types of training
  • Awareness training for employees
  • Ethical hacking training
  • Customized training


We Attempt to obtain sensitive information or data by disguising as a trustworthy entity in any communication. Our phishing attacks work with a principle of flagging employee behavior. This campaign will enable us to have realistic view on the cyber awareness level of the employees of the client.

Tailor made campaign
  • Customized scenario
  • Phishing campaign
  • Different waves
  • Flagging principle
  • Detailed report

opened malicious email


clicked on malicious link


submitted credentials